update: things are not so terrible

So as you might have noticed, I am posting less now. We’ll call this a good thing because I started this blog because I felt like my poetry skills were dying. Thankfully, they have been restored to me (#depression-is-useful), and I’m back to scribbling down poetry in all my notebooks like I was in highschool. I promise that I am not abandoning this blog (thank you lovely 10 followers!); my fall break is coming up, so I’ll post some of my recent poetry then. I do also like using this blog as a place for flash-fiction, though I really hate the last piece I put up, so that might get deleted. But thank you so terribly much to anyone who has read/liked any of the posts of the blog…this platform has been an outlet for me, and it’s so gratifying to get the positive feedback. ^_^

Thank you again to all my followers/readers! Have a lovely day!


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