writing: untitled november 2018

him: so.

her: hi.

him: do you want to marry me?


her: i barely know you.

him: so?

her: when you come over and say hi to me when i’m working part of me wants to ask you to go buy me a coffee because i’m always tired and i’m dying for a coffee. and i always thought how cute it’d be for me to ask and maybe beg a little and you’d say yes and run over and get me one.

her: but i never did because i didn’t know if we were at that kind of relationship.

him: what kind of relationship?

her: where you buy me coffee

him: if i buy you coffee, will you marry me?


her: are you going to graduate school?

him: yeah. economics.

her: okay, then, okay. i’m not going to graduate school. i still want to do the year in taiwan. but after that. after that

her: i’ll follow you

her: where ever you want to go


him: you’re right, you know. we barely know each other

him: but

her: [brushes her hair behind her ears]

her: were you serious? when you asked me to marry you?

him: yeah, i think i was actually, yeah. i think

him: [his mouth is suddenly dry]

him: shit, this is so funny we’re not even friends i barely know you but

her: because i think i was serious too



him: [smiling]

her: [biting her lip, smiling]

[the lamps flickers off]

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