poem: c++ [i do not write love poems anymore]

#include <iostream>

i will just rewrite things nicely inside me

and rewire the currents and de-bug

the code so that

int main () {

he was not my second love or the first boy he was just he was just


he was nothing.

he was a flux of my self-projection and a tightly labeled step in my self-

actualization, as if any of us care about that.

“I was never interested in you romantically I just wanted to be friends”


his girlfriend could be a bitch but most likely she is just a girl and luckier than me

i was not in love with him, anyway

i did not cry for him: it was hormones, and bad poetry. this is the cost

of having him in my dorm to fix my computer this is the cost

of nothing, because the class

is over and we will [probably] never talk again. it is immoral to talk to him now

cout << “it” << “is” << “not”

worth thinking about; it something loose and spinning in my head that i cannot touch

because i do not know what it is. or i do,

but i do not want to.




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