poem: it will not change the fact

It will not change the fact that


Like you and I think you’re brilliant and I read

Your article, and you were flippant

But there was an

Emotional core and I felt you inside the automated print I

Felt you

And since then, since I have read that, I

Cannot properly leave you because

I care for you in some way, but I can’t explain it

Properly, I’m sorry. You’re a famous intellectual and you

Think you’re better off alone but I can’t just

Leave you

Alone I can see your humanity shining so beautifully through

All the facts, I am quite in love. When you touch me

Very carefully and your eyes are living in the

Moment instead of in your head, I can get a perfect sense

Of you. Don’t you want someone to

Go home to

Because I would be the girl waiting for you if you’ll just

Smile again and maybe take your soft thumbs to wipe this new

Water off my softer cheeks. I can see you

So very much I can’t stop wanting you this deep heart-pulling

Is rational, also, don’t you understand.

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