poem: college (essay at midnight)

essay at midnight

and she is frothing with all the wrong things

the economics boy kissing inside her inside his computer script

and also him kissing his girlfriend.

the cold coffee, just one-fifty more calories with

crumbs wet at the bottom.

the ripe, nice words falling into her tired

hands. english major: that’s a nice shitty


the motto for this college: we put the liberal in

liberal arts.

essay at 10:33 p.m. with ninety minutes to her

next perfect grade, while her roommate is out selling

sex to Time himself, that classy pimp. the roommate is

a failed state, her personal Venezuela. but

she has been


the other girl is not envious she is waiting

for a romance like the ones in

asian dramas. where the boy grabs her wrist and pulls

her around and kisses her. like all the things she

watches with ramen and cantopop

and fake tears. she is waiting for


the essay, however; the racist essay, half black type and half

white, very Jim Crow. it is waiting for her,

it is the only man in her life right now. she gets up for

more coffee. the roommate comes

in and out with lipstick smeared, ugh it’s so cliche

it’s a joke.

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