life update: should i life update?

first of all, thank you all so much for 100 followers! in return, i promise (ahem) a more regular posting schedule.

onto the main item: i know this sounds pathetic, but i’m asking genuinely: would anyone be interested in reading actual things about my life — written in, you know, that elusive narrative voice and not rambling poetry? should i just publish what i want and not care if anyone reads it? (yes, good choice, do that.)

anyway, song recs:

  1. “Let you go” – Katie Herzig
  2. “Lost on you” – LP
  3. “Vampire Smile” – Kyla La Grange

yes, it’s all from my spuffy playlist, don’t judge. i don’t even know what mood i’m in right now. i’m also listening to christmas music, if that helps.

2 thoughts on “life update: should i life update?”

    1. Lol, this made me laugh. (Blogging?? Has a personal component?? Who would have thought.) Thanks for the encouragement and best of luck to you as well!


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