poem: i’m thinking of starting things

sports presents: december sunday,
winter light, the men first-down
first-down. i am undecided,
grad school or travel
teach abroad, live love sex
& kisses with strangers,
his hand on my neck
in the little house, jeju island
rennes then paris, toyko
toyko beijjing. sports continues:
why don’t you crowd the line
of scrimmage, says the commentator;
the aloe plant next to the christmas
tree next to the wrestling dogs.
the man has black hair, dark eyes. he
tastes like sea foam, the beating outside
the ocean wearing away
my resolve, replaced with tide-line
legs, white legs, white sheets.
sports stops: commercial break. the man
says, the present you know is not
real time is just a point
moving through you. the boys come
running yelling
from the basement, first-down. we
climax, white spray, the sea

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