poem: anime & broken hearts watchlist

i watched Death Note, Welcome to the N
HK, the first season of Psycho-Pass — I had never
watched anime before, i was already
unpopular in highschool and did not want
to be that girl. i watched A Silent
Voice in my pink summer sheets and i
cried, i later watched Himizu and also
cried. i did not finish
Perfect Blue, i am never in the mood
for horror. i watched Neon
Genesis Evangelion before
Christmas, with a boy; his eyes reflected
the white tree lights —
the white lights inside
and around us; i watched the End
of Evangelion alone, after i cried
him out, water in my
sheets. we watched the first seven
episodes of Parasyte the night he
could not sleep, i watched the first eight
episodes of Maid Sama to get over him,
the first time. the second time, i
watched nothing; japanese films do suicide
well but do not match
the voices, all american, banging
inside my mouth.

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