poem: that man

winter is invariably
winter; people are different people when
they wake up in
the morning. he stayed late
inside the night 90s computer
eyes, 90s anime
boy. blink twice it’s probably
the matrix; summer is invariably
summer he will walk away
through the heat, but now
he stayed late on the couch late
into the morning. white snow mornings
puffy thin air, anime
eyes. he says i miss junior high
and i can see him, running thru
green acid fields soft new wildflowers,
the new girl kissing
behind the shed. foreign uniforms
totoro in every fat
raindrop. winter is invariably
winter; the days the boy
slept over on my couch.
anime nights taste
like steam athletic clothing and
coffee, lavender, wildflowers
snowflakes. he is wilting in
innocence; he is invariably
hope, the sadness of himself

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