poem: telling him about the affair

thirty day poetry challenge
day 03– ‘no more staples

no more staples in the mouth, I will
(I think) speak — angel, devil drag me
down; cut my polaroid
in half, swallow the denser edge, leave my
mouth on the vibrating
torn-off edge; I told you all this

standing on the edge of a mausoleum
and your face was white,
reflecting the graves and the moon.
I think you will remember me
as the tragic, cosmic one. I let out
my Unfortunate like splayed paper, I tore
up and wet my body,
falling and rushing in our mind;
ready to speak and maybe listen, even as
the car started up and the chauffeur waved
you over, citing immense difficulties
in returning to the house the roads
were bad, there is a great deal
of mud.

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