update: new blog icons! new era! autumn!

hello all! two things of note —

1.) new blog icons because I felt the trees & fog were getting old. au revoir, also, to the site icon I made two years ago (pre-covid, even) at about four a.m. in the abandoned humanities department, third floor, the modern foreign languages department. I edited the black nail polish onto the picture because I was still repressed enough to not let myself paint them black; ironically, now I sometimes do and sometimes don’t and it doesn’t matter. I can’t find a copy of the old site icon saved on this computer to include here, so you’ll have to picture it — just imagine the predictable cringe of a second emo phase during college, thank goodness that’s over and I’m back to wanting to be a rich housewife.

2.) thank you everyone, as always, for sticking with me even with my chaotic posting schedule. I know I’ve lapsed somewhat from my self-imposed thirty-day poetry challenge, but will be returning to that soon! (and I will stick with it to the end, even if I miss a few days now & then bc of life and work, life is life). some exciting(-ish?) plans for the blog, too: my friend and I have recently returned from backpacking parts of central america and I hope to soon post some of the travel poetry I wrote and blog a bit about those experiences.

anyway, here are the new icons. (have to make them their own post, obviously, to brag a bit). very heavily inspired by my current sad girl fall hours, what can I say, I’m a trope lol lol.

again, thank you to all my readers! and cheers to this long long autumn, a perfect anomaly where I live.

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