poem: savior complex on 4chan

i dreamed we fucked inside my dms — no better than that i dreamed
you crawled next to me and held me. when i open up my laptop i think, here!
and now! he has finally come for me (cognition error)
i am languishing sexless in the tower with the algorithm fucking me, like we
are in vienna or paris but I cut off my — a long time ago (this is !ironic!).
although now, what is a woman. you ask after anime sex.
and the dawn reduced to perversity. the normal sexual things i eat for breakfast,
pictures of old riots and genocides, until you come (twitter thread) and slap it out
of my hand. the shower when you sucked off my face and i went wet — into torso, and five
leftover hands, and you said men can smell the desperation on you. they know
you are (uwu daddy issues) they avoid you like a rabid animal. is that — really their fault?
(no) i would also avoid — the great space loosed inside me, the cart running fast down
the road and all the champage carts uncorked and spilling, menstrual blood,
into the snow — and ruining history. hey men (slur) welcome to the n.h.k.!
you’ll be vindicated when i explain i only want your chaos as a puzzle
to solve that is the mystery of the feminine. checking notifications,
after my anime sex dreams, after the good trad vanilla sex. live up to that.
but u recognize the fucked up and blank — no! new! notifications! — smile on my
face when i tell people. i killed a man inside the garden and did not notice the blood on my
hand / face / handkerchief (literary reference) until we all had all run the down the winter we ran
down the winter like it was a woman and could be caught, i put her hand out
and caught her by the ankle and bit —

i am very grateful i was bit. / he is imploding! imploding! and at least, for me, it is
good, a pleasurable sexual release, i save another incel / a sign of the times. since the obscure
does not translate well r/online let me say it is not your fault, i (female) am just as fucked
as you
. there is nothing wrong with being a Man. we are more religious, in 2022,
than we have ever been.

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