poem: the problem with the manga was that the characters were far more insane

it’s 2006 there are half moon creases in my face from my fingernails from
trying to tear out the blackheads. it’s 2022 i have reddit pulled up welcome to the
n.h.k. manga vs anime another night spent alone. i will imagine him holding me
in order to sleep. in highschool i imagined the world razed and fucked laid out
for me in a long bloody carpet. where i walked on the corpses of my classmates to the
final altar. we were not friends we were coincidence they were an unfortunate
byproduct. he is waiting his eyes are gouged his voice is new
money. in the anime the scene i remember most is the cigarette smoke curling
virgin almost reaching the sky but not quite. there are no credits there is no
logical resolution to the drama. we just keep going and going. he lays in the trash and she
comes with pink lipstick and a sheer dress. to save the world. my classmates’ eyes rolling
in my open hand. i have a tinder date next weekend but who knows if he will
show he might ghost me before we set a date. their eyes are wet and raw he will surely
run when he sees them fall out of my mouth.

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