poem: anthem for the skeleton trees

look we are back in the pain again. good for the writing / good for the fucking
kpop cafe it is summer in the park the trees are being consumed by the sky you
reach in, pull out my five fingernails say your hands look better this way
anyway now you are really truly unique. internet culture identity is
all we want. waking up at 5:30 a.m. and shuffle to the car the city is consumed
by the pitch the stars are the lighted windows, salarymen shooting themselves
in closets. sexual pinks and greens and billboards slipping past the car is a universe
curled inside my oil-free-face, you are sleeping on my shoulder you do not
see the loose weight fast! you are beautiful! fuck diet culture! abs in three
weeks! billboards bearing down on us the strange malignant gods of our time you are asleep.
when we get to the office the producer says he wants to try something new but it will
be the same edm sound. when i was younger I studied like mad to escape my family now
i have re-eloped with skeleton trees girl who count their ribs in the mirror who
play their ribs for that cafe americano sorta sound. girls who used to sleep with rats
our predecessors tell stories about it in interviews like it was just a blip in our
success. the sea lurks around us like an angry mother the producer says i know it’s generic
but we need to improve the numbers. if i wrote the track it would only be a howl it would be
a camera slitted in a bathroom stall it would be rape it would be a slab of meat.

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