the ~curated~ last pavilion

hi! thank you so much for stopping by & reading. if you’d like a fast-track through the mounds & mounds of poetry i’ve written in the last few years (most of it mediocre, let’s be honest), i’ve used this page to compile some of the favorite poems i’ve written! don’t bother with the rest of the blog (lol) — just read these!

>> “shinji kinnie” ; on loneliness
“five a.m. and the screen has crawled into my eyelids and nested and is birthing
insomnia and self-diagnosed depression and ‘identities.’ my sheets always feel blue. there is 
not enough figurative language in my poems my professor told me i need
a better sense of place. what about the streets at five in the morning that i never 
see but i imagine the sunrise is like a cavetown song ..
. “

>> “savior complex on 4chan” ; on ‘daddy issues’ & internet culture
“i dreamed we fucked inside my dms — no better than that i dreamed
you crawled next to me and held me. when i open up my laptop i think, here!
and now! he has finally come for me (cognition error)”

>> “literary suicide note” ; short-story adjacent, on hopelessness
“It was television eternity. She sat on the couch and watched and when it was over, she waited for something else but nothing came. The days began in the morning and ended at night. Next year she would be living somewhere else but the days would also begin in the morning and end at night. She felt the way a boy had felt, in the last film she watched, after he had killed his father and other people and almost himself.”

>> “corazon” ; on unrequited love
i am lonelier
with your existence than if
your existence was
not; you are not like me, there is
no danger of your leaving

>> “liberal arts” ; on despair at the idea of pursuing an academic career
“it impossible to say: sex and not also: woman’s
empowerment because otherwise what is
that woman? the grey kmart lid
overhands her entire, she took needles like porcupine
pricks and swollen pricks, either an insomniac
or mentally ill or “artistic,” the long-held
reduction of the other.”

>> “i’m thinking of starting things” ; on hope
“he tastes like sea foam, the beating outside
the ocean wearing away
my resolve, replaced with tide-line
legs, white legs, white sheets.
sports stops: commercial break.”

[to be continued].