poem: autumn / catch me i’m falling

highschool-me listened to far awaymusicals, the rx a foreign and edgy thing, everything sex, men smilingand cum dripping out; now the normalis redone and i watch – ravens land on old buildings,the turrets gothic, lined against the fall;nothing is magic – not the rawcoming in calendars, the daysfalling into vampire schedules, five a.m. blinking, late… Continue reading poem: autumn / catch me i’m falling

poem: strangers far away and very close

girl looking out a windowdo you remember Rennes—where the stars— almost bloomed?where men cut themselvesfor eternal random truth;saying: i miss the dysfunction,the late, exploding nightsyour hand in my mouththe spiraling, the fights;girl looking out a windowis he caught in your head?—the boy over the ocean, his hands pulled into squareslet the riot fall— and find… Continue reading poem: strangers far away and very close

life update: should i life update?

first of all, thank you all so much for 100 followers! in return, i promise (ahem) a more regular posting schedule. onto the main item: i know this sounds pathetic, but i'm asking genuinely: would anyone be interested in reading actual things about my life — written in, you know, that elusive narrative voice and… Continue reading life update: should i life update?

mixtape: october 1, 2019

{for midnight dance parties, alone.} one. "Blame It on the Girls" & "Lollipop" by Mika. {for french songs so beautiful you stop your homework and stare at the rain and feel aesthetic and slightly in awe. good for writing poetry.} two. "Ne m'appelle pas" by Coeur de pirate. three. "Tout Oublier" by Angèle feat. Roméo.… Continue reading mixtape: october 1, 2019

poem: portrait of a lady, january 2019

pine tree hands make ginger kisses. they are better than the crowd of girls: nice, but all emotional. the boys carry rocks on their heads and in their eyes; the girl tuck the rocks into athletic bags and into breasts. she is with the boys, competing, the rocks split open to Intelligence and Intellect, and… Continue reading poem: portrait of a lady, january 2019

poem: war + peace, scarlett o’hara, plato (& her)

I have known too much to be secure in what I have known. Even I am sick of this narrative: here is the danger-warning, so listen: rewriting the narrative inside your head so that what happened happened differently is (please don't make me finish this face this). long sigh, and tucking the hair behind my… Continue reading poem: war + peace, scarlett o’hara, plato (& her)

poem: it will not change the fact

It will not change the fact that I Like you and I think you’re brilliant and I read Your article, and you were flippant But there was an Emotional core and I felt you inside the automated print I Felt you And since then, since I have read that, I Cannot properly leave you because… Continue reading poem: it will not change the fact

poem: a dead blog

definition: a dead blog. as this platform has been since the publication of this poem. i have no proof but a strong terrible feeling. i guess i thought art was supposed to be controversial and say the unsayable things. 2018: don't bother with revolution unless your manifesto is politically-correct.