poem: i’m thinking of starting things

sports presents: december sunday,winter light, the men first-downfirst-down. i am undecided,grad school or travelteach abroad, live love sex& kisses with strangers,his hand on my neckin the little house, jeju islandrennes then paris, toykotoyko beijjing. sports continues: why don't you crowd the line of scrimmage, says the commentator;the aloe plant next to the christmastree next to… Continue reading poem: i’m thinking of starting things

poem: disorder

in another context, the girl jumpingfrom the bridge is not sad. fireworks comein unexpected places, times; i preferdark humor, the hikikomori alone in trash. we could talk, afterthe movie? my muse diedon a staircase — film compromiseupon film comprise untildivorce. alternatively, he becomes something else: the boywith the something, saying somethingkind; you should know, my… Continue reading poem: disorder

poem: softer, lighter, postmodern uwu

she is a protagonist: running up the apartment steps, a scarf beautiful and warm on her face, her hair dripping from the rain. she likes old cafes, old music and dead men; she keeps cats, reads books, drinks tea; But, lucky for the academy, this is a satire directed by a foreigner: she is shopping… Continue reading poem: softer, lighter, postmodern uwu