poem: anthem for the skeleton trees

look we are back in the pain again. good for the writing / good for the fuckingkpop cafe it is summer in the park the trees are being consumed by the sky youreach in, pull out my five fingernails say your hands look better this wayanyway now you are really truly unique. internet culture identity… Continue reading poem: anthem for the skeleton trees

poem: your reflection in the black phone screen

i wish i was instagram aestheticmulti-block primary color. advertise around my face: kpop album, mini EPfive plastic boys and finger heartssold last yearfor five million dollars. i wish i was happy the girlhanging by her neck in a fridge future countries ironically safer, if you find the rightangle the filter she looksalmost dead maybe foreignbig… Continue reading poem: your reflection in the black phone screen

poem: seungri, burning sun

he was desperate: too in love with the madness in his soul that came with applause and with people laughingsmilinglaughing at him; the concerts halls smoked up with the devil and the afterparties full of hands clapping his shoulders because it was only him making it. and he had carved immorality into the drug-sick swaying… Continue reading poem: seungri, burning sun

poem: 미국 사람, 한국 사람 (or, No More Dream)

the girl knows oppa and saranghae but if you showed it to her, like: 오빠 or 사랑해 she would not know how to make those odd lines of man, earth, sky into the bright music that she sings in the dark. She knows 김 is said as "Kim," because it's the beginning part to names… Continue reading poem: 미국 사람, 한국 사람 (or, No More Dream)