poem: all madness, no genius, pt. 1

two thousand 17;the aesthetic of this,it is like spring, the old suicide days, when the poemsdripped — no punctuation.music stuck spiral-likein my throat, the pulsing pulsingwonder: my chemical shitin the bathroom (before class)the animalism of no-onemeeting your eyes — I cannotwrite like thatanymore. The downsidesof friends, of making it. two thousand 19/20;remember the chemical swings,the… Continue reading poem: all madness, no genius, pt. 1

life update: it’s summer (yay?) and i’m writing again

Hello everyone! My apologies, first of all, for my rather long absence from this blog. I am currently at home from university, thanks to the grand you-know-what, and I haven’t been feeling particularly inspired lately. But I plan to spend the rest of the summer getting back into poetry; I hope to write a poem… Continue reading life update: it’s summer (yay?) and i’m writing again

life update: new profile picture, medium

It's probably temporary and I sort of hate it, but it's new. Also, yes, I am now on Medium, re-posting some of the better poems. Let's not talk about how my grades have suffered because I've been writing angsty poetry online instead of studying. Thank you all, as always, for reading! It means much more… Continue reading life update: new profile picture, medium

mixtape: october 1, 2019

{for midnight dance parties, alone.} one. "Blame It on the Girls" & "Lollipop" by Mika. {for french songs so beautiful you stop your homework and stare at the rain and feel aesthetic and slightly in awe. good for writing poetry.} two. "Ne m'appelle pas" by Coeur de pirate. three. "Tout Oublier" by Angèle feat. Roméo.… Continue reading mixtape: october 1, 2019

update: things are not so terrible

So as you might have noticed, I am posting less now. We'll call this a good thing because I started this blog because I felt like my poetry skills were dying. Thankfully, they have been restored to me (#depression-is-useful), and I'm back to scribbling down poetry in all my notebooks like I was in highschool.… Continue reading update: things are not so terrible