poem: love letter to cassandra, 1997

cassandra has her hair in muse of delphi dressed-downedglam -- curls, and a red scarf. she is reading pasternak. my grandmother had her ecstasy moment when princessDi died -- she called my mother for the first time in twenty-five years, and did not apologize, but criedover the phone. I listened from the hallway. I was… Continue reading poem: love letter to cassandra, 1997

poem: lady clane

woman who gracefully and sometimesgracelessly took us, an entirenation of squabbling super-market mums, plastic bags drooping sadlywith sunday roasts, potatoes readyto be pulled and plushed — and she sitsin front of the square tellycutting the vegetables and sometimes (shite!)her fingers, watching; lady clane ridesto the cathedral, smiling brightlyand shyly, lace lining her handsand skinny arms… Continue reading poem: lady clane