On “Relevance” and Art

“Radical” self-love is just sloth repackaged. There is nothing radical about lazing on a couch, binge-watching television for ten straight hours. If done in moderation, this might be considered “taking a break” — though from what, I couldn’t say, as binge-watching hardly allows for silence and recovery. Consumption of popular media can be both educational… Continue reading On “Relevance” and Art

poem: self-love is a horrible culture

the worst thing in the world is "self-acceptance." why do we keep living if the dull people we are today are the only future, the only destiny? I want to one day be bold and vibrant; I want (more) self-confidence and discussions of Kant after sex. I want to weigh 125 pounds. Why the hell… Continue reading poem: self-love is a horrible culture