poem: repressions

the boys haveall gone; the city lightsswallow, the girl curledin wine dropletsand drained out— lastsupper, last chance. she has her shoulder-blades bare, she is waitingwe are allwaiting—where are the boyswith the black smilesready to devour my face;i have reflectionsin the alcohol glass, thisis modernity: i and i and iagain, eternal and gloamingand waiting alone.

poem: her poetry is chaos, it looks bad on instagram.

here is some polite narcissism: she writes but she will never be Known; she puts too much in each poem. other people write: bright days, depression, love, woman, sex, lies, lust, morning. she writes: lovelustsexdepressiongirlcomingofageselfimagehatedepressionpomegranitesredboyshope. it is impossible to break the constellation into stars. or—maybe—it is possible, but why should she try? if her art… Continue reading poem: her poetry is chaos, it looks bad on instagram.

poem: we are writing, we are killing

I wrote an artist but did not give her art, she was lonely waiting by windows for bluer skies but dying in her head, re-castling to save me: the other girl, the one writing her. we were in hell together, the mafia maniac pixie dream boy blowing her kisses from the burning room, the emo… Continue reading poem: we are writing, we are killing